I april 2019 flyttet jeg til Norge - Jeg bor på Kvitsøy, en fantastisk liten gruppe øyer i nærheten av Stavanger. Jeg begynte i Avo samme år, og lærer fortsatt Norsk.

My background has been in Archaeology. Figuring out the story behind a human life, through objects that were left behind to interpret, is and always will be one of my main passions. Along the way it was hard to build a career in the field, and I found other passions: Travel and diving, and a strong interest in problem solving through technology and helping people improve.

After an interesting several-year career shift through consultancy in tourism, marketing and sales, I realised I never wanted to settle for becoming good in just one thing, and I always wanted to learn more, but I needed to find what it was I really wanted to do.

I found myself enthusiastically committing to a fast-track bachelor study in Software Engineering in 2017, which gave me a strong technical base with programming languages, frameworks, databases and the flexibility to adapt to different technologies.

Having worked with several Low Code development platforms as a full-stack developer and IT consultant since 2018, joining the enthusiastic young team of Avo was a wonderful opportunity I couldn't pass by. Who wouldn't want to be part of a great team really making strides in digital transformation in Norway!

Seven quick questions

Age: 33

Education:  Bachelor & Research Master in Archaeology // Certificate Software Engineering (Fast-track Bachelor)

Favourite food: Sushi

Dream vacation: Diving in the Caribbean

Role model: Katherine Johnson in the real world, Jean Luc Picard in fiction

Fun fact: More than 40 different types bars of chocolate go untouched in my home

Life motto: "Live now; make now always the most precious time. Now will never come again."


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