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Digital transformation is all about enabling your organization to deliver better on customer and employee needs. In Avo we focus on helping companies transform and improve their value proposition. We help organizations apply new and available technologies to adapt to the business opportunities of the future.

We know that real digital transformation is bigger than robots. Technology itself cannot fix bad processes, only perform them faster. At the same time, nothing is not about technology, and everything is about people. Together with our customers, we create some magic every single day by challenging the established and keeping a laser sharp focus on customer and employee needs. We are passionate about the opportunities new technologies and creative thoughts bring. We distinguish between hype and reality, and help organizations chose the right tools for the right job. We focus on creating value.

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What's it like to work at Avo?

Our culture is probably our most important factor for success. In Avo we don't talk about work-life balance, but rather how we can integrate the two. We believe you should have as fun at work, as you do outside of work. And in addition - you get paid for it.

For us who work here, Avo is more than a workplace. In Avo we are working at the intersection of work and hobby - we call it jobby.


Perks and benefits

Besides working with our all-star team there are lots of benefits working at Avo. Here are some of them: 



Stay healthy as a horse.

If you want to run a marathon, go skiing or take a swim, please arrange an event and have others at the office join the team. We cover the cost. 


At the office

We like doing things together. That's why we, every Tuesday, eat breakfast together at the office. On Fridays, there are waffle-meetings where there's a new topic of conversation every time. Anything from APIs, who's the better of Alexa or Siri, to the latest news within IoT. In addition to eating waffles every Friday, we later on drink some beers and enjoy ourselves. Also worth mentioning; lunch is subsidized. Not only subsidized, it's high quality as well. 

Outside the office.

For us, our jobs are not just jobs. Avo is a family where we have a lot of fun together. We organize regular theme parties, Avo-games, Avo-Tour-of-Houses. We also go for walks, brew beer and discuss movies, politics, and books. 

We acknowledge that we spend a lot of time at the office and with our colleagues. That's why we have regular bring-your-better-half-to-work-day so that your loved ones get to meet the ones you talk so kindly about at home. 


Stay up to date.

Everyone at Avo gets 1000 NOK a month to spend at the intersection of work and hobby. It's up to you what you wish to spend them on. The possibilities are almost endless. From newspapers, cellphones, to robotic vacuum cleaners, laundry help, and shirt washing. What gives you the most value? 


Learn something new.

At Avo, we want you to spend 5-10 % of your time learning something new. How you wish to acquire new knowledge is completely up to you. Within the limits of reasonableness, of course. 

In addition to this, we arrange quarterly learning days for the entire company and ongoing training at all levels. 


Need for nourishment. 

We believe that the body should have what it needs to deliver. If it's hot outside, we buy ice cream. If we work overtime, we buy food. And we use common sense as a principle. 


Choose your own equipment.

In order for you to do epic shit, you need good tools. Preferences and needs vary, but who's better suited to find the right ones than yourself? If you're uncertain about what to choose, help isn't far off. To put it mildly, we love gadgets!


Pension and insurance.

We provide you with what you need from insurances and offer travel insurance, occupational injury insurance, and treatment insurance. In addition to this, we have the industry's best health insurance. Working at Avo is so much fun, and maybe you'll want to stay with us until you retire? If so, we offer a 7 % (0-12G) pension plan, which ensures that you'll have fun in life after Avo as well. 

We'll help you move.

If you're new to the city, we'll help you settle. If you choose furniture from IKEA, we might even help you read the instructions for use as well. 

Nøstegaten 58
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Nøstegaten 58
5011 Bergen Directions


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